Should You Enroll Your Child in Private School?

Every parent has to think about their child’s education, and most people might be wondering if private school is the right place for their kids. The Youtube video “5 Things You Must Know when Choosing Between Public & Private Schools” explains what you should consider before making a final decision. Let’s find out more.

The question of private versus public schools is tricky because the answer depends on your family’s particular needs. These institutions vary in many ways from locations to their philosophies, so parents need to decide what they want their children to learn.

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A public school curriculum should be enough to prepare them with the basics for their future. However, a private school education might have more tools, more flexibility, and more benefits for young people. They also might adhere to philosophies that match your own values.

According to the 2015 PISA, students in private schools in Ontario did slightly better than those in public schools across all subjects. The Ontario public school system did better than most all over the world, but it still lost in comparison to its own private schools. However, that doesn’t mean that all private schools are better. Each must be considered individually. You can check the rest of the video for more details about choosing private schools.