Your Ultimate Guide to Male and Female Connectors

Do you know the difference between a c14 male connector and a female connector? Connectors are used in a wide variety of products. Electrical terminals have male/female connectors.

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Many connectors have electrical components but not all connectors. The male/female connectors typically have pins on one side and dedicated holes for those pins on the other connector. The side with the pins is the male side of the connector, and the side without is the female connector. There is only one right way to join or “mate” the connectors.

There are several categories of connectors that are dependent on the number of pins in the male connector, the diameter of the connector, and what it is used to connect. There is a lot of information about connectors that you likely are not aware of. For example, did you know that there are Hermaphroditic connectors that connect to themselves? These types of connectors do not need a counterpart. They do not fall into the male, or female category of connectors. This video talks you through the most common types of connectors and what they are used for. Anyone that has any interest in what connectors are or how they work will find exactly what they need in this short entertaining video.