The Secret Behind Making a Custom Engagement Ring By Hand

Customized rings are inherently special to a lot of people, especially customized engagement rings. This video can really help all viewers learn a lot more about custom rings. People will actually get to see one of these rings being constructed right in front of them.

Video Source

In the beginning of this jewelry-making video, viewers will see different rings being sketched. Designers in most fields often work from sketches, including handmade drawings. They’ll then be presented with some of the software that is used in jewelry design. From there, viewers will see all the other important pieces of equipment as that equipment is being used.

The video has some subtle and gentle background music, but it’s otherwise a largely silent video. Throughout the video, the focus is on the ring that is being created and the tools that were used to make the ring itself.
Since the camera focuses closely on the ring at various stages, it should be clear what’s happening and which processes are being used. The completed ring and the initial sketch are shown next to each other in the end of the video, so people can compare the two. They’ll essentially watch the ring portrayed in the sketch become real during the video.