What to Know About Parking Lot Line Striping

This video will show what you need to know about parking lot line striping. Parking lot striping is a common way of directing motorists and pedestrians. Such directing involves painting asphalt lines that show where people should go in the parking lot.

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You can stripe your parking lot in different colors depending on the needs of potential visitors.

What must you know about parking lot line stripping? Size is a vital factor to consider when stripping your parking lot. The size of your parking lot should inform the line stripping machine you use for the project. Large stripping projects demand high-power machines that can complete the job faster. The stripping machine must also match the paint you choose to apply to the parking lot.

Using oil-based paint on a water-based stripping machine will lead to sub-standard results. It would also be great to choose a stripping machine with a detachable handgun for painting pavement markings. Such a gun will provide a great degree of accuracy in the least possible time. Finally, it would be best if you also had stripping tips that are compatible with your desired application.

All in all, these were some of the things that you should know about parking lot line striping.