Homeowner Tips for Owning a Wood Burning Fireplace

“This Old House” video speaks to homeowners who have concerns about their wood burning fireplace.

The video states that homeowners need not be worried as long as they remember a few tips.

If they notice a white circular spot at the back of the fireplace, it is fine.

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It means the fireplace is working properly. However, if there are random white spots or just above the fire under the mantle, then the fireplace is not getting proper airflow.

The homeowner should check the chimney on the roof to assure nothing is blocking the chimney like trees or bird nests. Having blockage removed will smoke up the chimney properly. This can be expensive so a short-term solution is cracking a window near the fireplace inside the home.

One important thing a homeowner must do is keep the creosote buildup inside the chimney low. Creosote can cause a housefire so it’s important to remove it. A dependable chimney sweep might be costly but a burned-down house would be worse. The homeowner can avoid this build-up by not burning pine wood at

By doing this homeowners can enjoy their wood burning fireplace without worry.