What to Know About a Large Diameter Reamer

Watch this video to learn more about large-diameter reamers and their common application. Reamers are rotary tools that assist in removing a thin metal layer from the surface of a machined hole. Reamers are most often used to give the desired finish on the inside of the previously drilled hole but with high precision. However, reamers should only be employed when removing a thin covering to guarantee longer life and higher hole accuracy.

Large diameter reamers are very easy and quick to adjust when reaming. Also, it has multiple cutting edges to allow for higher speed and feed.

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The type of material, speed, hardness, and tolerance levels determine the precision levels. There are rules that you should always be followed when using a large diameter reamer. It should never run on a reverse, either under power or by hand. Also, the reaming speed should be about half the speed used for drilling operations of the same material. It is necessary to use cutting oil to achieve a better surface finish. However, you should check the spindle if a reamer does not produce the desired results.