Different Types of Pillow Cases You Should Try

According to Chris Kingsford, the account manager at the “Richard Haworth” hotel quality linens shop in the UK, there are three main types of pillowcases hotels use for guests.

He explains in this video that the types include, the bag, the housewide pillowcase, and the mock oxford pillowcase although he doesn’t mention if any of these is a hypoallergenic pillow case.

The bag pillowcase is called this because it is an open-ended style. The pillow fits in this bag style just by sliding it in without closing it.

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The housewife-style pillowcase is a bit different because it has a flap sewn inside. After the pillow is inside this pillowcase, the flap is closed keeping the pillow in place.

The last one is called the mock oxford pillowcase. An oxford pillowcase is made from two pieces according to Mr. Kingsford. He states that the oxford is a two-piece construction. Therefore the mock oxford is so named because even though it has a frame it was made from one piece of fabric.

He then invites the viewer to see what else they have available. He invites questions about the products as well so customers could learn if there are hypoallergenic pillow case options.