3 Things You Should Know About Hospice Care

If you’re here, it’s probably because you or a loved one has recently received a difficult prognosis of six months or less to live, and you searched for local hospice care. Hospice care isn’t a place. Hospice care is a philosophy of end-of-life care that focuses on personal needs.

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Your end-of-life journey can be difficult, especially in the days just after a terminal diagnosis. Hospice care is sensitive to the needs of the patient and family, and reduces the burden of medical care in the time you have remaining.

Hospice care focuses on improving quality of life during the end of life. Local hospice care gives you a team that has skills that you cannot put together on your own. Hospice takes on the burdens of care while the family spends their time focusing on the patient’s quality of life.

The professionals in the hospice team help with advice for both practical hardships and health care for not just the ill patient but also the family.

Almost all of hospice care is given at home, but also covers inpatient care in the situations that it’s needed. When the patient needs symptom management or management, hospitals are involved in the process.