Flexible LED Lights Setup

Changing the look of a home has never been easier with flexible LED lights. These lights can change the feel of the room in an instant and are easy to install. Once you learn how to add them to your home, you will never look at a space the same way again.

Video Source

Inside the box, in addition to the lights, you will find instructions, a control box, a power lead, and for most flexible LED lights a remote.

When you begin the installation, you will want to begin by connecting the power lead to the control box. The power lead should be plugged into a surge protector, which should then be plugged into an outlet. You will notice two cables on the outside of the control box. One is an IR detector of the remote, the other should be plugged into the lights. If the lights do not turn on right away after this is plugged in, try to unplug the cord, flip it around, and then try again.

When you set the lights to the desired surface, use the tape that is provided, or comes on the back of the lights. This may not always give you the desired result, so it may be necessary to purchase an additional adhesive agent.

For additional information on flexible LED lights, please review the attached video.