Find the Right Tow Truck

When your vehicle breaks down, finding a towing service with the proper tow truck for your situation is vital. Different trucks are better equipped to handle certain types of accidents, so finding the best one for you means giving the company all available information about your car and the condition it is in. Have the job done right not quick.

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A flatbed tow truck has a back that is able to lower to the road. From here, the operator can use the hook on the vehicle, place the car in neutral, and then lift it onto the truck. This is best for vehicles that have had to stop due to engine failures, as all the wheels and axles are still able to properly function.

A wheel lift is able to move the truck by getting under the tires of a vehicle. There are lifts that are better for the front, called the front drive truck, and back, which is called a back drive truck. These are good for vehicles that have experienced heavy damage on one side, but minimal to zero damage on the other.

For additional information about finding the right tow truck, please review the attached video.