Benefits of Propane Refill When Compared to an Exchange

Choosing between propane refill and tank exchange will depend on your preferences. You may want to consider which of the two options is superior to the other regarding price and convenience.

Will it be more affordable for you to simply have it refilled or exchange your propane tank? In a nutshell, having your propane tank refilled will be less expensive for you. However, both options have pros and cons that you need to weigh in order to decide on the better way for you.

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Refilling your propane tank will be less expensive than exchanging it. In fact, you can save up to almost $2 per gallon when you have it refilled instead of exchanging it.

When you have your own tank, you will only have to pay for the propane gas. So, even if there’s still some propane left in the tank, it wouldn’t go to waste since it will be returned to you after the refill. Make sure to look at the expiration date, though, especially if you intend to reuse the tank for a long time.

On the other hand, exchanging the propane tank is simple and convenient. Simply bring in your old tank and exchange it for a new one.

Watch this short yet very detailed informational video by Ask About Health, where you’ll discover whether it’s more affordable to go with a propane refill or exchange.