Understanding the Suction Dredging Process

When people are looking to clear out an area or search for a specific material, suction dredging is a reliable option to get the work done. While many companies utilize this for their needs, many outside of these industries don’t understand the process. Understanding suction dredging can help you understand its importance and the benefits that come with it.

The process starts with losing the soil in the area you hope to dredge. Some machines have a cutter head to make the process simpler. Next, the pump of the dredge sucks the loosened material through a pipe. From here the material is discharged elsewhere, allowing more work to be done.

Suction dredging is beneficial in a variety of ways. Dredging helps to clear out an area underwater, making it easier for people to build pipes or other structures. It can be useful to clean an area if something could cause harm to the local environment. Suction dredging is also useful for people looking for materials under the water, such as gold. While the material dredged would still need to be filtered and cleaned in order to find gold, the dredging process helps to make things more efficient.

For additional information on suction dredging, please review the attached video.