What to Know About Boat Deck Repairs

Keeping a sturdy and well-kept deck for your boat is important to check on a continual basis. There’s a list of materials and tools you will need to make important boat deck repairs. Consider how old and how big the boat is when assessing the number of tools and the size of replacement materials that you have equipped. Let’s review a few key steps of boat repairs that you cannot forget.

It’s important to first take everything out of the boat when removing the deck. Getting the seats and motor out is essential.

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When you get to cleaning up the current wood fiberglass and replacing it, don’t be afraid to cut the top layer of the spongy deck to take a look at the rotten wood inside. The wood will need replacing and so will the fiberglass itself. Check for other parts that are potentially rotted. hen covering the repaired floor with a new layer of fiberglass, you need to use resin to seal it in place and let it dry.

Remember to look at the durability and materials of the new flooring you are placing. Using the right materials is crucial for making boat deck repairs. For more extensive info on making a boat deck repair, consult the video we have linked above.