Log Splitter To Firewood Processo

Have you ever noticed that we used to split firewood manually? This log splitting process can be quite a time consuming, as you have to do it one at a time.

But as technology arises, there is already a log splitting process that is way better and easier. Here are the things you should know:


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Log Splitting Machine

This is machinery used to split woods that have been pre-cut faster than the traditional practice of log splitting. It’s also a simple hydraulic device that is commonly used today.

2. Using a Log Splitting Machine

First, you have to make a 4-way wedge and try it out. For its wear resistance, you may use a wear plate. Make sure that the cutting edges are on different planes, so the force of splitting remains the same.

3. Adding a Frame Extension

You can actually create side rails out of the scrap for a better log splitting process. It supports the platform, especially when you make a log pit where logs that have been cut may fall in.

4. Making a Platform for the Split Wood

This is to try both long and short logs if they can be cut successfully. You have to check if it hits the pit.

5. Cut for the Bending

The platform sides will hold both sides of the log pit after cutting – as logs turn sideways.