Long-Term Review of an Indian Scout Bobber

This is an Indian Scout motorcycle for sale called the Bobber, and is a stunning bike to look at. It has the classic Indian lines without a windshield and with low ground clearance and only a 29 degree lean angle. The Bobber looks great with its large wheels and blacked out look.

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It just makes you want to own it.

The Bobber can accommodate relatively short riders due to its low height, which makes it ideal for shorter riders who want to own a cruiser. Even though it is a cruiser, it is not made for long-distance travel. If you want to take it on the long road, prepare for riding doubled-over until your back hurts. You will look so good doing it though, that you might not even mind the pain.

The Bobber is made to be customized, but this bike looks good with the original seat, handle grips, rear-view mirrors and some other original parts. The owner did put harder shocks on it, and has replaced the exhaust. All in all, the bike is something you could fall in love with.