New HVAC Installation

So construction’s almost done and proceeding with the HVAC installation. Here are the tips and useful guidelines to know for HVAC installation.

1. Look for Ideal Location of the Unit

First things first, you have to decide where you’re going to place your unit -whether inside or outside.

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The place should be ideal and friendly for your unit, and be certain about the measurements when you decide about the placement.

2. Setting the Pads

Before setting the AC, make sure you’ve already set the pad. The pad’s size should fit the AC. Once done, the return flex should be attached. There should be one return in each room. However, the main return duct usually goes up to the chase, going to the attic – and drops down to each room.

3. Unit Installation

If your unit comes with a brand new duct system, you need to follow instructions to install the unit. This is for proper function and to maintain the unit’s warranty.

4. Connecting the Ducts

Once the unit is set, and ducts are connected, you must also measure a new shroud. It’s better if you have it custom-made.

5. Installing the Hood

Using a driller, the hood must be installed. It should be sealed out and weather resistant since it’s placed outdoor. Once done, you may proceed with the wiring.

6. Wiring Installation

Once everything is set, proceed with wiring and electrical system installation.