What Customers Need to Know About the Fedex Money Back Guarantee

When using a shipping service to send a package, there are standards that need to be met. The customer expects a package to arrive by a certain time and when a company fails to meet this standard they also fail the customer. To ensure customers remain satisfied, companies such as Fedex have refund policies in place. However, customers need to know that the fedex money back guarantee has rules in place that allow the organization to keep the money even if the package does not arrive by the intended time.

The Fedex money back guarantee does not cover late packages when events that are out of the control of the organization occur that hinder the shipping process. These events include things such as strikes, extreme weather conditions, and packages that are shipped with additional requirements for the drop-off, such as requesting the person receiving the item sign for the package.

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Fedex express also has a few rules in place that can prevent the shipper from receiving a refund. These include packages with dangerous goods or dry ice, modifications made to the delivery, and reroutes. These all prevent the package from arriving by the initial date and time.

For additional information on the Fedex money back guarantee, please review the attached video.