What are the Different Types of Shutters

This video shows Three Blind Mice Window Coverings exposing the different types of shutters. They are focusing on the different types of plantation shutters.

There are different types of plantation shutters.

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These include real wood, vinyl, and composite. Real wood shutters can be stained or painted. Composite shutters are made of partial wood and a vinyl or PVC coating. It is often hard to tell the difference between real wood and composite wood. For example, a vinyl shutter has no wood at all. Instead, it has aluminum inserts for strength and stability.

Vinyl shutters come in a hollow vinyl, which is completely hollow in the middle. These are more affordable and weather resistant. The next step up is a structured hollow vinyl. This style has webbing in the middle to add some integrity to the structure. The next step up is solid vinyl. It has a PVC-blown foam in the middle. The entire shutter is a solid PVC. This is heavier, stronger, and more durable. Another step up is the same solid vinyl with an aluminum insert in the middle for additional strength and integrity.