What it Means When a Judge Posts Bail

If you are arrested, and your case has to move to trial, you will be very important to seek bail. If you do not have the money to post bail, you will have to use the bail bond agent services. Bail bonds ensure that you stay out of jail, but you are expected to attend all your court proceedings. But to take advantage of the bail bonds, you will have to pay a premium fee which is capped at 10 or 15%.

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You will need to provide something to act as collateral, that can be your house or car. This is one of the ways the bail bond agents will recover the money they posted as bail on your behalf.

But it is not always guaranteed that you will be required to pay bail. In the first instance, some cases will not require you to post bails. In that regard, you will be expected to walk out of jail and await the court proceedings to continue. You can also be denied bail depending on the gravity of your crime. Usually, crimes such as murder will jeopardize your chances of getting bail. But if you get bail, it is up to you to ensure that your show up for your court proceedings. If you fail, you might have yourself arrested once again. You will lose the property that you placed as collateral.