How a Sewer Line Repair Beneath a Concrete Slab Would Go

Most plumbing issues can be easily fixed or even resolved by do-it-yourself techniques when the problematic areas are easily accessible. Damaged pipes can be quickly and efficiently taken out and replaced. However, it is not the case for a sewer line repair when the pipes are located beneath a concrete slab since getting to them is difficult.
The conventional method of repairing underground pipes, particularly those found beneath a concrete slab, entails trenching and digging for the plumber to access the sewer lines.

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However, trenching is no longer the only method of replacing a sewer line. Some plumbers are already capable of repairing a sewer line without digging. The use of various tools has made trenchless sewer line replacements possible.
There are two types of this option: pipe bursting or cured-in-place pipe lining. Plumbers use utility holes to gain access to the sewer lines rather than digging. A sewer camera is used to view the sewer line and determine the best repair method after being inserted through the access point. The pipe-bursting device is positioned inside the broken sewer line with the replacement pipe already attached to it on the other end. The new pipe is then connected to the existing sewer line after the plumber has disconnected it from the new pipe.