Bail Bondsman Rules

In this video, you will learn about bondsman. Bail bondsmen have to follow a lot of rules in order to operate. Anyone who has ever visited jail knows that it is not the most comfortable place in the world.

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That’s why legislators created bonds so you can buy your freedom. Bail bondsmen are allowed to track you down if you skip bail. Most of the time, bounty hunters are hired. Bounty hunters may arrest and apprehend the convicted. When the person skips town, the bounty hunter is allowed to apprehend them. The bail bondsmen only get their money back if the person skips court. If the bail bondsmen can come up with the skip, they lose the amount they initially put up in cash or collateral. A bounty hunter is an independent contractor. They only get paid if they can find the skip and bring them in. Multiple states have banned bounty hunters. What kind of rules do they have to follow? One rule is that they are not allowed to go to a different country. They can get away with a lot of things. THey operate outside of the legal things that hold a police officer.