The Bosley FUE Procedure Explained

The Bosleys Fue procedure is a hair transplant that involves extracting individual hair follicles from your skin and transplanting them to another portion of your body where your hair is weaker or missing. Expert physicians use follicular unit grafts to reconstruct hairline and growth patterns during this straightforward, one-day, outpatient surgery. The YouTube video, “Bosley Fue Proceduren Edgar’s Journey,” illustrates the process.

Before the transplant can be performed, the hair must be measured to serve as a guide. A Bosley-trained physician performs this procedure.

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The patient’s hair is then trimmed on the backside to create a donor area. The patient is also given a local anesthetic to make them feel nothing during the transplant.

The Bosley doctor begins the procedure by removing grafts or follicular units from the donor location. The grafts are then classified depending on the number of hairs in each graft. The transplant procedure begins here with the reconstruction of a new, natural hairline.

After that, the new hairline will be filled. The donor will look better in 2 to 3 days. The region will recover in one to three weeks, and the hair starts to grow naturally in the subsequent months.