How Dental Veneers Are Made

If you have ever suffered from a chipped tooth, you probably know what a dental veneer is. It is a process that helps restore teeth to their natural look and can bring back your smile. Now, they don’t necessarily add part of a tooth to where the chip is, but instead, put a new layer on top of the teeth.

Video Source

In this video, you will see an animated video of the preparation that takes place during a dental veneer operation. First, they prepare the affected teeth by taking measurements and moldings of those teeth. This is because the dental surgeon wants to have the perfect veneer for your teeth.

Once the moldings are made, then the surgeon puts an adhesive on both the veneer and the affected teeth. They place the dental veneer down on the teeth and use a light to mold the two together. This makes the adhesive stick to itself much better.

If you have concerns about your dental veneer operation coming up, then check this video out. Even though it is an animation, it shows you exactly what will happen during the process so you could feel at ease when you visit your dentist next.