How PVC Fence Companies Install No-Dig Fences

When you’re looking at installing a fence on your property, you know you have a lot of interesting options to choose from. For example, you can choose between chain link, PVC, or wood fences at a variety of heights. One option you may not know about is no-dig fencing. With this modern fence installation technique, jobs that used to take multiple days to account for curing concrete can be completed in just one day.

No-dig fences are often made from vinyl or PVC.

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These fences look a lot like regular vinyl fences, but they don’t have a concrete support system embedded into the ground. Instead, the posts are pounded into the ground and then secured in place with post adapters. These relatively compact plastic fence parts are far less expensive to purchase and install than concrete, and they are effective at keeping the posts secured in the ground.

PVC fence companies still put a lot of work into each fence installation, but when they install no-dig fences, they can offer their services at better prices. Since these fences are quicker to install and require fewer materials, the fence companies can pass these savings onto their customers.