Everything You Should Know About a Medical Detox

A medical detox program helps people through the withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. This video goes over how patients are medically assisted through this process and the medicines they receive to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Visiting the best detox doctor is but the first step towards recovery. After the body is helped to purge itself of a substance, the next step would be rehab or substance use treatment.

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Medical detox is recommended for individuals who have become physically dependent on a substance. This can be evidenced by needing larger amounts of a drug with diminishing returns, or an inability to quit. A doctor evaluates patients at the start of the program. This includes a physical exam, blood and urine tests, biopsychosocial assessments, and medical conditions arising from prolonged drug use. The evaluation helps them decide on what kind of medical detox to prescribe. Detoxing alone can be dangerous, especially for those addicted to depressants like alcohol, or opioids such as heroin. It is better to do it under medical supervision where a medical detox program can take three to ten days. After that, the medical staff will recommend an aftercare plan.