Tools and Materials Required for Commercial Electrical Work

Before venturing into the commercial electrical field, there are various materials a technician should know about. Watch this video for more insights. Technicians require special tools to execute their jobs safely and effectively. As a result, their toolboxes should have different types of heavy-duty, high-tech, and insulated hand tools. Pliers are some of the most crucial commercial electrical work tools for cutting, twisting, straightening, bending, or gripping wires. Every electrical should have different types of pliers in their toolbox.

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Commonly used pliers include side-cutting, long nose, and reaming pliers.
Electricians use various insulated screwdrivers to fasten or loosen different hardware pieces. Many commercial electrical work professionals own ergonomic screwdrivers with replaceable bits. An electrical tape is another essential tool used in commercial electrical work to ensure electrical current doesn’t flow through other wires. It’s made from fiberglass cloth, vinyl, or plastic. It is pressure sensitive and crucial for insulating wires and other substances that conduct electricity. Cable ties or zip ties are cost-effective fasteners for binding cables together. They help electricians keep their commercial electrical work area organized and neat. Handheld electric drills with different bits help electricians install or disassemble hardware or lighting fixtures to access wiring. Cordless drills help technicians work efficiently during a power outage.