A Day in the Life of Animal Control Companies

What does a typical animal control officer’s day look like? Watch this video to find out. Animal control companies enforce various regulations during their patrols to maintain public safety. These include human care and animal licensing laws.

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An animal control officer’s job can be challenging but rewarding. It involves handling different types of wildlife, pets, and animals. Usually, animal control companies are hired by a city, county, or the federal government. Officers can navigate from entry-level positions to management or supervisory roles. Senior-level animal control officer titles include director of operations, superintendent, coordinator, or animal control, officer.
Animal control companies execute various tasks every day, which include: capturing and confining stray or dangerous animals, investigating animal cruelty cases, enforcing county laws and regulations, and licensing laws appropriate to the animal management program. Animal control companies also provide specialist testimony during court cases. Other responsibilities of an animal control company are writing occurrence reports and offering compassionate care to animals under surveillance. Animal control officers communicate with people regularly while on duty. They issue warnings and illustrations to people for animal mistreatment. Sometimes they withdraw animals from a lax owner’s custody. Animal control officers also organize community-based educational seminars on various animal-related topics.