Top Online Gaming Trends of the Century

Here are some of the top online gaming trends so far, whether that be PC games, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.

The first main trend is Indie gaming. Indie gaming is nothing new. What is new is that indie game producers now have platforms (like Steam) that allow them to easily distribute their new games.

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This has led to indie games like Among Us and Stardew Valley becoming bestsellers. Roblox is looking to scale up the indie gaming trend. Roblox combines game creation and game distribution in a single platform. This is working well because Roblox is one of the highest played games right now.

The second trend is getting more women involved in gaming. Certain games (like Animal Crossing) have helped bring in more women to the console, PC and esports gaming world. But the fact remains that gaming is a male-dominated industry. In fact, only 30% of people that work in the industry are female. Because of this, developers are starting to make women and minorities more prominent in the worlds they create.

The last trend to discuss in online gaming is cloud gaming. Downloading online games can take way too long. Instead of buying and downloading a game, you stream it in real time. That way, gamers can use the latest and greatest hardware without needing to invest in it. Plus, there’s no need to download anything. You can start playing right away.