Recovery After Total Knee Replacement

Do you or a loved one need to have a total knee replacement and are wondering what the recovery would be like? This video explains the aftercare for your knee surgery.

These are some general guidelines to help you prepare for your total knee replacement. Always follow the specific instructions of your surgeon or physical therapist.

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The first thing to do when you get home after surgery is call to set up your appointment for outpatient physical therapy. For the next 6-12 weeks, your knee joint will continue to heal. You will need to learn to balance your exercise with periods of rest. Do not push yourself over your limit or break the restrictions set in place. It is important to continue to do the exercises that you were instructed to do, at least twice a day. Remember to bend your knee as instructed so you get back better movement in your joint. The first two months are critical to your recovery and you will need to use a walker. Drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits and vegetables to help fight constipation.