Understanding How to Hire Bail Bond Agents

Do you need to hire a bail bond agent? Even if you don’t need one today, knowing how to hire a bail bond agent is essential, as you never know if you or someone you know might need one. When you’re accused of a crime, working with a bail bond agent provides you with the greatest opportunity to wait for your trial outside of a prison cell.

Before selecting a bail bond agent, ask if they are licensed. You can ask any attorney for a reference if you’re not familiar with any agents in your local area. Most attorneys work with bail bond agents daily and might know a few to recommend.

After contacting the referred bail bond agent, there are a few key questions. Find out if the agent is licensed to work in your state.

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Bail agents must hold a license in their particular state in order to be able to assist others.

Next, ask how quickly they can post bail. Not all agents or agencies work seven days a week. You should preferably only work with agents that are available 24/7 to ensure you’ll be able to receive help when you need it most. Finally, confirm their terms prior to signing a contract.