Residential Assisted Living 101

In the video, we see an interview with a real estate investor where he talks about one of his greatest ventures. In this case, his investment is valuable to people on both sides of the venture.

The first part goes into an economist’s view, where the main idea is making a profit by buying a single-family home and renovating it into a residential assisted living facility. The genius of this type of venture is that it can generate an income for the next 20 years at about $4051 a month.

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However, the second part is what value this venture holds for the elderly. The investor understands that these facilities are necessary to help the elderly and provide them with safety and care, and he’s willing to spend this amount on senior safety.

This investor doesn’t care as much about the price of the house, but rather about location, he chooses upper-middle-class neighborhoods. He understands how adult children think when they have to find a place for their elderly parents to live.

This investor teaches people that investing in the elderly is a valuable investment regardless of the money.