What Happens During Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation service is often required during a divorce proceeding. Some states require that mediation is used before the divorce is heard in court. This video explains in detail what you should expect during the mediation process.

During the mediation, you do not have to sit face to face with your future ex-spouse. The mediator can set up two separate rooms to keep you separate.

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Keeping the parties separate is often more comfortable for both parties and can help to facilitate the mediation because there is less squabbling. The mediator will ask each party what their goals are and how they think the divorce proceedings should go. The mediator then works between the two rooms to negotiate a settlement that both parties are satisfied with.

Divorce mediation can save time, and money, and keep the parties from having to battle their divorce out in front of a court. It can be a quick and easy solution to the resolution of a marriage. The court typically will honor the mediation agreement and not require a lengthy court process. Learn more about divorce mediation and how it can help you during your divorce. Watch this video now.