A Helpful Rheem HVAC Unit Review

This video is a review of Rheem HVAC systems. This video reviews the Rheem HVAC lineup and provides a quick overview and then gets into more detail about the pros and cons of this system. The presenter had a conversation with a Rheem rep about what makes Rheem different or a stand-out option from other brands.

Video Source

Rheem is a big brand that is affiliated with a company called Paloma. The presenter was not sure what the relationship was between the two brands. He does make a connection between Rheem and Rudd. The parts on both units are interchangeable. Rheem is also associated with Weather King.
The presenter discusses the Rheem heat pump option and found that it did have some unique benefits that he could support. For example, the reversing coil valve is designed to offer some beneficial perks. In the video, the presenter mentions that he personally knows HVAC contractors that only sell Rheem products.
This video will help you to gather the information that you need to make an informed decision about which brand of HVAC is right for you. Watch now to learn why you should ask a contractor why they recommend one brand over another.