What Is Cement Made Out Of?

Concrete is composed of various materials used to hold cement together during construction – a controlled chemical mixture of calcium, silicon, aluminum, and iron, results in concrete. A cement services company will use limestone and clay as the first step in cement production. The raw materials are crushed into 3-inch rocks, which are combined with other chemical compounds such as iron ore or fly ash in the required proportions for the final product.

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They then feed the mixture into the cement furnace, where raw materials are heated at temperatures of 2700 Fahrenheit. The high temperatures ensure the chemical compounds can mix properly. The resulting product, called clingers, are cooled before machines grind and mix them with limestone and gypsum. The mixture is then ready for use or packaging.

You might wonder why they include limestone and gypsum in the mix. Cement services companies add limestone and gypsum into the mix to strengthen and slow the chemical reaction in water. Failing to add gypsum can result in the fast hardening of cement and concrete mixture during construction.