The Ultimate Guide to Freight Forwarders

What do freight forwarders do? This video explains exactly what role a freight forwarder plays. Freight forwarders are middlemen that handle all the administrative details of getting a product from a factory to the retailer. These professionals can help to keep costs down and make the process of moving goods from one place to another.

They handle the entire process which can be a complex process. They do all the logistical work for you.

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Additionally, the services are usually free to you. The presenter explains how this process can be free by using an example. If you had to pay $130 to have goods shipped and to do the work yourself it would be time-consuming and a pitfall of mistakes. The freight company may charge you the same $130 but you would avoid the headaches and you would also avoid the potential time-consuming errors. You would still be paying the same amount of money which means the service does not actually cost you anything extra but you would be getting the process done for you. Sound confusing? Watch the video to learn more about the process and why you should be using freight forwarders.