Heavy Equipment Aerial Lift Training and Explanation

Reaching high places is challenging in work environments like changing electricity cables and putting out fires in apartment blocks. As a result, companies use aerial lifts to help workers reach high places. According to the video, an aerial lift is a vehicle-mounted boom-supported work platform that elevates workers to job sites above the ground.

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Most aerial lifts are mobile and can be controlled by one operator. OSHA recommends workers be trained on safety when working with and around aerial lifts. What should workers know?

According to the narrator in the video, one of the most significant hazards of working with aerial lifts is falling from the bucket. To prevent this, workers must use appropriate fall protection such as harnesses. The harness should be attached to the recommended anchor points and inspected for cuts or fractures before any operation.

Another hazard when working with aerial lifts is tipping, which typically happens when the lift is overloaded or not correctly stabilized. To minimize this risk, workers should check the weight limit of the aerial lift and ensure the base is situated on stable ground.

Operators should also mark the area where the lift is operating to prevent people from being hit by any objects that might fall from above.